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  • 22-Aug-2009
    • updated link to Jill Agathen's family tree listing on genealogy.com
    • Changed Karen (Bevelander) Kelley to Karen Kelley on photos page
    • updated some of the names/dates on the Family Tree
    • added new photos
  • 7-Jan-2009
    • Reformatted web site to remove frames
    • Added Annie Buggie to main page
    • Added button for Family Reunion pop-up page
    • Added information for 2009 reunion
    • Added button for this "What's New" page
  • 1-Mar-2008
  • 14-Apr-2007
    • Recipes reorganized
    • More photos added
  • 25-Mar-2007
    • More recipes added
  • 11-Mar-2007
    • More recipes added
  • 10-Mar-2007
    • A new Kelley Family Directory page has been created.
  • 4-Mar-2007
    • The Kelley Family Recipe Book has been expanded and reorganized.

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