Kelley Family Directory

Directory Listings: We have a nifty new piece of HTML code for creating and updating a family contact information database. The form below will send us an e-mail with the form information. Fill in whatever information you feel comfortable in sharing, and hit "submit" when the form is complete. If you don't want to supply something, or if something does not apply, please feel free to leave the field empty.

Please, use no & (ampersands), + (plusses), , (commas) or % (percentiles) when completing the form. Using these will cause the webmaster to work more, and your new entry may just be deleted, which would be a waste of time for you and us.

If you are an internet spammer, hacker or freak be advised that this form sends us an e-mail with your e-mail address. One hostile or hacked form, and we will add you to our spam filter, and your e-mails and forms will be deleted with all the other junk. After the first one, we won't even see them.

Geneology We are trying to stay current with geneology information. So, please help us build a comprehensive list of everyone in the family, too, by filling in the form and submitting it for each person for whom you have information. Please, submit a form for those who do not have ready access to e-mail and the web. Submit a form for each deceased member as well, so we can remember her or him.

Missing Persons List: We would like to build a "Missing Persons List" for all the family members we know about, but for whom we have no contact information. Please help us. Just fill in the form for her or him, and include the word "unknown" wherever applicable. If you have partial information on someone, great! If you have nothing but a name, you could still submit the form with just a name. Even if he or she is too young to have an e-mail address, submit the form with the name! We intend to distribute the missing persons list when we distribute the Kelley Family Directory.

Privacy Statement: We are making a good faith effort to restrict distribution of the Kelley Family Directory only to family members. We will *NEVER* publish this list to the web. We will make a good faith effort to verify e-mail addresses and family connectivity, before adding someone to the distribution list.

Hardcopy Distribution: We will send hardcopies of the directory out on request, but it probably will take time.
Hardcopy Format: Expect the Outlook detailed address card format for the hardcopies.

Electronic Distribution: It is our intent to distribute the data file via e-mail to everyone for whom we have an e-mail address.
Electronic Format: It is our intent to publish a .csv file with standard MS Outlook headers. To use this file in MS Outlook, simply do a "File > Import and Export > Import from another program or file > Comma Separated Values (Windows) > ..." This file can also be used with Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

The Family Directory Form

Personal Information
Title: Mr. Mrs. Miss Dr. (Doctor) Sr. (Sister) Fr. (Father)
First Name:
Nickname (e.g. "Moose"):
Last Name:
Suffix (jr., sr.):

Geneology Information
Gender: Male Female
Birthday (mm/dd/yy):
Spouse's Name:
Anniversary (mm/dd/yy):
Parents, grandparents, etc:

Who Are You? The interesting thing about geneology is who the people are/were.
Job Title (What do you do?):
Describe Yourself, likes, dislikes, personality:

Family e-mail List Information
E-mail Address:
E-mail Display Name (e.g. "Bear @ Home"):
E-mail 2 Address:
E-mail 2 Display Name (e.g. "Bear @ work"):
E-mail 3 Address:
E-mail 3 Display Name (e.g. "Bear elsewhere"):
Web Page:

Family Phonebook Information
Home Fax (e.g. "(123) 456-7890"):
Home Phone (e.g. "(123) 456-7890"):
Home Phone 2 (e.g. "(123) 456-7890"):
Cell Phone (e.g. "(123) 456-7890"):
Other Phone (e.g. "(123) 456-7890"):
Pager (e.g. "(123) 456-7890"):

Christmas Card List Information
Home Street:
Home Street 2:
Home Street 3:
Home Address PO Box:
Home City:
Home State:
Home Postal Code:

Other Street:
Other Street 2:
Other Street 3:
Other Address PO Box:
Other City:
Other State:
Other Postal Code:

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