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Society of the Old Goat

Old Goat

Over the course of the years, a "tradition" emerged of presenting to some "deserving" family member a somewhat ragged mounted goat head which had been found in a neighborhood estate sale. The fortunate recipient was named the "old goat of the year." It was, of course, purely a joke but also had a touch of the old theme of Irish prosperity being demonstrated by the number of goats which a family kept on its roof, which was a factual matter.

In 2005, it was decided to make more than a joke of this tradition and the family contributed one or more live goats to destitute families in foreign lands through the International Heifer Project. The poor recipients are trained in dairy goat husbandry so they can provide their families with much-needed milk, process the surplus into cheese or bottle it for distribution and sale. The original goat becomes the base of a family herd after it is bred. The Kelley family name thus has been entered into the book of international good deeds.

- - from Erwin W. "Erv" Kieckhefer's notes

Goat donations can be made at http://www.heifer.org.
$120 for a goat or $10 for a share of a goat

Members of the Society of the Old Goat

  • Aug 1963 - Erwin W. "Erv" Kieckhefer - Premier Old Goat
  • ??? 1975 - Charles John Kelley
  • ??? 1980 - Harry J. "Moose" Kelley
  • ??? 1983 - Anthony B. "Tony" Agathen
  • ??? 1985 - Paul V. "Buck" Kelley
  • ??? 1987 - Robert Alan Kelley
  • ??? 1990 - Robert Kelley Kieckhefer
  • ??? 1993 - Paul Agathen
  • Jul 2003? - Dennis Kelley
  • Jul 2005 - Stuart M. Baumann
  • Jul 2007 - ???

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Reference materials for the Society of the Old Goat

Letter from Erwin W. "Erv" Kieckhefer regarding the history of the Old Goat

This cartoon depicts how Dan "Bear" Kelley found the New Old Goat
Bear got it at a garage sale and I thought he'd lost his mind - why would anyone be excited about finding a smelly old goat head?

Letter from Erwin W. "Erv" Kieckhefer about the New Old Goat

Letter from Beatrice Eileen "Beats" Agathen about the New Old Goat

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