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Kelley Family Recipe Book

There are two kinds of Kelleys: the skinny ones...
and the ones with the long reach!

-- Robert Kelley

We still need recipes!!! That's the great thing about a web site. We can keep adding recipes.

Recipes are integral parts of the family history. The question "What did Katarazyna Barzynski cook?" is not nearly as important as the memories that are associated with her food. My dad, Bob Kelley, made Katheryn Barzynski's Golabki for me last Christmas. I remember that night very fondly, as my wife, my sister Susan Vahey, my sister the sister Barb Kelley and my parents all shared a prayer, a table and a meal together.

Who could ever forget Harry "Moose" Kelley cooking brats on the grill? The other men of the family would gather around him in the back yard, each with a brew and their share of delightful banter. Well, guess what? there are newer members of this family who never had the extraordinary privilege of meeting Moose Kelley! I remember Charlie Kelley near the grill, may he rest in peace. Few who ever met him will forget the razor wit of Erv Kieckhefer. When we remember these wonderful people, we remember who we are and who we aspire to be.

Food brings a family together. Taste does its job with smell and sound to awaken slumbering memories and to create new ones. So, I have tried to attach a little anecdote to the recipes, to capture little vignettes of our family life. When you send recipes to me, please send the memories that go with them.

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Soups and Sides

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Beef Dishes (Not including hamburger)

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Ground Meat (hamburger, ground pork, ground turkey...) Dishes

Sometimes I wonder why we don't use more ground pork or ground turkey or... Habit, I guess.

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Pork and Sausage Dishes (Anything that Could have pork in it)

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Chicken Dishes

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Lenten Dishes (Fish and Meatless)

Could y'all please send more meatless and fish recipes? We all need help for next lent!

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