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Captain Timothy J. Kelley

This site is the web home of the Kelleys and any of our family, including those with the last names:
Agathen, Barnes, Barzynski, Bauer, Baumann, Bendel, Blackmon, Breen, Bremner, Brennan, Bretz, Buggie, Burger, Capobianchi, Carroll, Chrapikowski, Conerty, Cooper, Dahan, Davis, Egan, Ellard, Fetzer, Fox, Friar, Glassman, Gorczynski, Hart, Hayden, Heller, Hellmuth, Henclewski, Hildebrand, Jania, Jole, Kaminski, Kampman, Kelley, Kid, Kieckhefer, Kunz, Lantry, Lauer, Loftus, Mahaney, Mahoney, Major, Matta, McQuade, Merzner, Morton, Moscirella, Murphy, Muse, New, Newman, Nordberg, Nowierski, Ohlrich, Olgren, Ooten, Petersen, Potuznik, Prebis, Riley, Ritzwoller, Ryan, Schifferle, Schroeder, Schultz, Smietanka, Smith, Snyder, Speltz, Taylor, Turner, Usher, Vahey, Vigil, Watkins, West, Wilkoszewski and Wooten

And if we've left your last name off this list, it is the fault of the web folk, not of the family. Drop us a line so we can fix it, send our apologies and catch up on the news.

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