Clarie Kelley's Calico Beans

Bear's Anecdote - Years ago, Bear's mother sent Jodie and Bear a box of recipes. Here is one from the box. For Christmas of 2006, Bear's mother, Clarie Kelley, served this as one of the dishes. Bear's family is scattered about the country. His parents are in Florida. Marilyn (Kelley) McQuade and her family are in Colorado Springs, near Bear and his wife. Bear's sister the sister, Barbara "Buppo" Kelley O.P. is in Ketchikan, Alaska. Susan (Kelley) Vahey is in Boston. So, it was a phenominal treat to have dinner with many of the folk all at one table. The only ones missing were Marilyn and her family, and they were missed!

Bear and his wife are hard-core conservatives, politically. While Bear's parents (Robert and Clarie Kelley) and his sisters Barbara and Sue are very liberal. The wonderful thing is that the discussion was kept rather civil, despite the vast differences. Sue and Bear butted heads, but everyone will tell you that is normal. Bear knows he loves his sister Sue, and knows she loves him, too.

In any case, this recipe will bring back those memories.

  1. Fry bacon and drain.
  2. Brown hamburger with onions.
  3. Put hamburger into baking dish with brown sugar, ketchup, molassas, dry mustard and salt.
  4. Drain liquid from northern and red kidney beans. (Bear rinses them, too)
  5. Add the beans and "pork 'n' beans" to the mixture.
  6. Mix well.
  7. Top with bacon.
  8. Bake 1 hour at 325 degrees.