Letters provided by Kathy Kelley Ohlrich

This album is a compilation of letters written to and from members of Captain Tim Kelley’s family between July, 1893 and April, 1903. Most letters were written by Harry F. Kelley, Tim’s son, to his brother, John M. Kelley. Other letters were written to John by his mother, Annie Kelley, and by other brothers, Tim and Charles. A few letters were written to Captain Tim by Harry and to Captain Tim and Annie by Harry while he was attending the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Spelling and grammatical structure of the letters were left as written. A few words remain undecipherable.

August, 2005

Katherine Kelley Ohlrich, Harry F. Kelley’s granddaughter

NOTE: The web developer filled in the year on most of the letters for clarification

Commencement 1895 North Side High School, Manitowoc, Wis Charley to John 7 7 1893.doc
Ike Harry to John May 30 1894 Harry to John and Annie to John Aug 10 1894
Harry to John 10 3 1894 Harry to John Nov 10 1894
Harry to John Nov 21 1894 Harry to John May 11 1895
Harry to John and Annie to John May 15 1895 Harry to John June 10 1895
Chas to John 06 29 1895 Ken and Tim to John June 29 1895
Harry to John 10 22 1895 Harry to Father 09 27 1896
Harry to John 05 09 1899 Harry to folks 10 03 1899
Harry to John 11 11 1899 Harry to John 12 12 1899
Harry to John 04 01 1903