La Baguette's Cheese Fondue

Old Colorado City, Colorado

Bear's Anecdote - This recipe was given to me by the nice people of La Baguette in Old Colorado City, Colorado (Near Colorado Springs). One time, my parents were visiting. Now, with my dad (Robert Kelley), it is always a little contest to see who will pay for the meal. I contend that I am working and have a decent income, whereas they are retired, so I should pay. My dad believes that the parents should always pay. Well one morning, we had all just had breakfast at a rather nice place, and the discussion of who should pay came up. Finally, knowing we were going to La Baguette for lunch, I said, "If you pay for breakfast, we'll pay for lunch." "Done!" said my father. Hee Hee. He wasn't happy about it, but he did stick to his agreement about Jodie's and my paying for lunch. He's never fallen for that trick again, though. I really love my dad!

  1. Mix together ingredients.
  2. Heat in microwave or double boiler, stirring frequently.

Serve bubbly with crunchy French bread (from La Baguette, of course!), apple slices, precooked meat sticks, etc.